University Programs

GSA WLI is able to bring the exciting experience of semiconductors to students and universities across the globe.

For Students

Learn more about opportunities in semiconductors, by visiting our careers page for possible internships and full-time careers.
If you don’t see your university listed under our upcoming events section and would like for us to host an information session at your university, reach out to us at
Do you have questions about the industry? Check out our Q&A page to submit your question(s).

For Businesses

GSA WLI needs your help to bring the story of our industry to university students in STEM.
We need a variety of speakers at all levels of our industry. Whether you’re starting your career or an industry veteran, we need your words of wisdom and encouragement for university students.
We also need sponsors for our individual university programs. Sponsoring companies are able to attend and host information tables at our university programs.
If you’d like to sponsor , speak , or just have questions on how to get involved, email us at

For Universities

With the help of incredible industry professionals, we want to tell your students about semiconductor engineering.
Semiconductors have a need and a place for every STEM degree and we need your students to help solve real-world problems in semiconductors by designing the solution.
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