GSA Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) is pleased to present Woman to Woman, Mentoring Moments for Women in the Workforce. These videos are a resource to current and future semiconductor industry women meant to address questions relevant to women in the industry on topics like:

  • Professional development
  • Work/life balance
  • Microaggressions and how to address them
  • Stories on why women joined the semi industry
  • Networking tips
  • And much more!
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View full interview and other exciting videos below.

Interested in contributing a video? We welcome women in all roles and levels to participate. Here is an outline of sample questions, guidelines and specs for recording your video!

GSA WLI will post these videos on our web site and promote through our social media channels as a resource to women and young women interested in entering the semiconductor industry.

Some sample questions are listed below but of course, feel free to include any questions you think would be beneficial to other women in the industry.

Sample Questions:

  • How do you balance your work/home life?
  • What is your best advice for women entering the industry?
  • How do you think we can improve gender diversity and inclusion in the semi industry?
  • What skills have set you apart and helped you succeed in your career?
  • How have mentors been instrumental in your career?
  • Why did you join the semiconductor industry?
  • How did you develop confidence in the male-dominated semi industry?
  • Not all leaders are extroverted.  How do you develop your leadership style in this male dominated industry?
  • As a woman, how do you negotiate for an equal salary?
  • How did you get where you are today?
  • Tell me about a time when you had a difficult boss and how you handled the situation?

Guidelines for recording video:

How long should the video be?

These should be fairly short between 5-15 minutes.

Where to record:

We will leave this up to you.  Due to WFH during the pandemic, we realize that you might not be in your office.

This can be recorded in your home, office, zoom etc.  We are flexible and this will also keep it interesting to have these be more organic.  If you want to include several people from your company, that is fine.

How to record:

If you want to record this in interview style, where one person asks the questions to the other, that would work well. You may also record individually and just pose questions that you answer yourself on a video.

File Formats

All must be 16×9 aspect ratio & can be one of the following, .mov, mp4 or pro 422 or Hi-rez H264.

If you use a smart phone to record the video, please ensure that you video in landscape mode at the highest resolution possible. You may record on your Smart Phone, but please ensure that you record to the highest resolution possible.

Please make sure your Phone is placed landscape. (NO VERTICAL VIDEOS PLEASE)

When choosing a location to record, please ensure there will be no extraneous noise or activity that may bleed into your recording.

You may also use the record feature on zoom to record virtually.

Where to send the video file:

Since these are large files and probably too large to email, please send a download link to the following email addresses tbrandon@gsaglobal.org


Questions? Please contact wli@gsaglobal.org.

Thank you for your support!