Women in Semiconductor by Tijana Mišić, Senior Verification Engineer

Girls are making an impact in the Semiconductor community 

Tijana Mišić is a Senior Verification Engineer and project manager at Vtool. Her career journey started 15 years ago after graduating from the School of Electrical Engineering. She holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computing. She is interested in new verification methodologies and verification flows.


Starting a career in the SC industry 15 years ago in Belgrade, Serbia was a brave decision for all of us. The SC industry was not so popular at that time in Serbia and there were not so many companies in this industry. It was challenging to trust them and try something new, but interesting.

Life-long learning

Although we have spent some time doing this job (about 15 years), there are a lot of things in front of us to learn. And that is not a punishment, but a gift that we use to grow and feel excited each time we cross the bar.


We are professionals and nothing stops us from achieving our goals. We fought obstacles on the projects, two world economic crises, and prejudices. We were professionals and provided high-quality service in tough times and in good times, as well. We were rewarded with respect and trust.

Inspiration and Role Models

The people who are passionate about their job shine no matter what that job would be. It is a real honor to work with such people and learn from them. Their way of thinking, learning, and dealing with challenges are real inspirations for me. They do an additional step toward perfection, “Finis coronat opus”.  On the other hand, there is a filigree of mentorship and coaching. We teach them not just technical skills, but also a way of thinking, dealing with difficult situations, and making decisions about a career path.

Teamwork and support for each other

The people around us are what matters the most. They are smart, supportive, and funny. We can talk about different things. They understand that storms in private life impact our professional achievements. Nevertheless, we come back stronger and steady, focused on things that really matter.


Yes, we care about each other. We cherish and appreciate all important things in our lives that are outside the working world. We are daughters, mothers, wives, friends, sportswomen, travelers, and enthusiasts. Without this, we would not be as successful engineers as we are.