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Here is the second edition of Designing The Difference, the Women’s Leadership Initiative newsletter.

Designing the Difference

The latest news & updates from GSA’s Women’s Leadership Initiative


ENTREPRENEUR SPOTLIGHT Dr. Xiaotong Lin|Coolstar Technology
Q & A with Xiaotong about her career, accomplishments and advice for future female leaders in the tech world.

Deadline | August 14, 2020
This is the LAST week to submit your nomination. Click the link to fill out a form for a woman who you think is worthy of this prestigious award.

All women panel discussion
Insight on how these female industry leaders are navigating and capitalizing through the current environment. If you don’t have access, email us for temporary code.

Editors Note

Welcome to the second edition of Designing the Difference, GSA’s Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) newsletter!

We’re always encouraging companies and individuals to connect with us, whether it’s joining a WLI committee or interacting with us on social media. Those are easy and fun ways to get involved. But staying truly connected isn’t always easy.

This year has been challenging – to say the least – but technologically speaking, we’re even more connected. Although many are working from home, thanks to the proliferation of video conferencing, we’re able to see our colleagues, friends and family while social distancing.

Plus, admit it, it’s fun getting to see a glimpse of your colleagues’ homes and lives. Their cool artwork and the story behind it, the books on their shelves and authors they love to read, or their kids bouncing in the frame to do or say something hilarious.

No doubt, several of you reading this have had video chats with one or both of us where our pets have popped in to say hello – Katie’s giant, fluffy cat plopping down in front of her screen or Traci’s new puppy running into her home office. The point is, although we’re separated by miles, we’ve discovered things about our colleagues that we otherwise might not have known, which brings us closer together.

The resilience of humans to thrive under these less than favorable conditions and stay connected with one another is remarkable, and we have technology to thank. We hope this quarter’s newsletter not only engages you, but helps to connect you to a larger community of women in semiconductors through the WLI.

While our focus is on women, we’d be remiss to exclude men. We need allies to help achieve gender parity in our industry, so feel free to share this newsletter and encourage your colleagues to get involved in the WLI. Also, we have a subscription button below to make sure you don’t miss a future edition of Designing the Difference.

Stay well, stay safe, and be sure to keep talking, sharing and connecting with us,

—  Katie & Traci

P.S. The creative designer behind this newsletter, Alexandra, feels that her puppy, Boone, should be included too since he’s on most of our team meetings.

we love pets

VC Directory
Are you searching for funding? In conjunction with the launch of the WLI Entrepreneurial Program Committee, GSA developed our own VC Directory, a sortable database of VC firms that invest in semi companies. The differentiator between our VC database and others is that we curated it to include only VCs who have made multiple investments in semiconductor companies in the past five years.
As part of our efforts to support female entrepreneurs, we plan to further evolve the directory by highlighting VC firms that have funds or programs dedicated to female entrepreneurs. Please let us know if you’re a VC that funds semi companies and has funds/programs for female entrepreneurs. This directory is a member benefit but for a limited time only, to obtain your complimentary, temporary password to access GSA’s VC directory, email us.


We want to recognize our amazing sponsors! Thank you for your generous contributions and full support as WLI continues to grow. We appreciate your commitment to help us increase diversity, which helps our industry flourish and create products that improve lives, increase productivity and drive economic growth. View more details about our sponsors here.

WLI Sponsors

Speakers Bureau
WLI is committed to promoting female leadership through the GSA Women’s Speakers Bureau. We are currently building a comprehensive database of women who can speak on business trends, market drivers and technical issues. Interested in participating? Know someone who would like to contribute?

Women Spotlight

We have been highlighting women in the semiconductor industry who are designing the difference and impacting the future. Whether you are an intern, an entry level position just starting out, working your way up to the top, or even the CEO of your company (heck ya!) we want to celebrate you. 

Send us a picture, caption and your social media handles & you could be our next spotlight!
Email us at: marketing@gsaglobal.org

—  What does the picture need to be? A picture of you – it can be your headshot, a fun picture, working in the industry – whatever shows us who YOU are!

—  What is my caption about? Tell us a quick version of your story – how you got to be where you are today in the work world! How did you get involved in the semiconductor industry? We want to highlight YOU and YOUR success!

—  We will post on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook – have one of these platforms? Send us your handle & make sure to give us a follow!


LADIES, it’s a giveaway! Be one of the first 5 people to send in a picture and caption for our social media campaign & you’ll win one of our brand new WLI bags &&& a Starbucks gift card! Email marketing@gsaglobal.org! 


Last summer, Qualcomm Ventures hosted its first Female Founders Summit. Ten female-led startups were invited to compete for the opportunity to win $500,000 and mentorship. The winning company was Blue Canoe Learning, an app that helps non-native English speakers, speak the language with confidence.
Check out their podcast that features Sarah Daniels, the CEO and co-founder of Blue Canoe Learning, Varsha Tagare, the managing director of Qualcomm Ventures, and Susie Armstrong, the SVP of Engineering at Qualcomm. They discuss the Summit and why STEM is vital for encouraging diversity in the tech industry.

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