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Designing the Difference | GSA WLI

We’re so excited to continue year 2 of our WLI Awards that will be presented at the annual Women in Semiconductor Hardware Conference (WISH) on September 13.  Nominate your colleague or company in the following categories:

Dr. Lisa Su Woman of Innovation Award – 
The Dr. Lisa Su Woman of Innovation Award recognizes female individuals, such as its namesake, Dr. Lisa Su, for their remarkable dedication and exceptional contributions to drive the development, innovation, growth and long-term opportunities for the semiconductor industry. The individual should have a technical background/education, an executive role, and a minimum of 20 years of experience.

Dr. Lisa Su | WISH 2021

Female Up & Comer Award – The Female Up & Comer Award recognizes and profiles the next generation of young women in the semiconductor industry. Companies are encouraged to identify women with a technical background and education within their organization who have been in the industry five years or less and have made exceptional contributions toward the development, innovation, growth and success in their short time in the industry. 

Designing the Difference Award – The Designing the Difference Award recognizes companies who are making a significant and measurable impact on advancing the industry through diversity and inclusion.


Teresa McLaurin | 2021 RWOI

Rising Women of Influence Award – This award will be presented at the GSA Awards Celebration on Dec. 8. The Rising Women of Influence Award recognizes and profiles the next generation of women leaders in the semiconductor industry. Companies are encouraged to identify women with a technical background and education within their organization that they believe will be one of their key corporate executives over the next three years.

The annual Women in Semiconductor Hardware (WISH) Conference is GSA WLI’s flagship event bringing together industry luminaries, entrepreneurs, and university women in STEM. WISH showcases the changing face of technology and offers awards celebrating the women who have helped to break the glass ceiling and those who are following in their footsteps.
WISH is the perfect opportunity to connect with women in technology! Sponsorships for WISH are available. Our prospectus is coming soon, but email us at wli@gsaglobal.org for an advanced copy!
In support of WISH, we are accepting abstracts from female engineers in the following categories:
Process Technology | System Technology | Design Technology | Validation/Test | Packaging/Assembly Technology
A total of three papers per session track will be chosen. Each speaker will have 20 minutes to present her paper. You can review the complete call for papers online here

We’d like to thank the 2022 WLI Technical Steering Committee for making WISH possible!
Technical Steering Committee
Entrepreneur Spotlight
“I ultimately decided to run for governor because I see so many Oregonians really struggling – we’ve had a rough time. Oregon needs a CEO and a leader who delivers a return on investment for Oregonians and focuses on building opportunity through empowerment, not control. Many of our leaders in Oregon have spent a lifetime in the legislature and have become conditioned to win elections, not to solve problems. When that happens, they lose touch with what an everyday person deals with: things like paying taxes, running a business, working a regular job, buying a home, and trying to find childcare. I think it is time that we have someone who really understands those things so that we can recalibrate and focus on what matters for Oregonians.” READ MORE
Jessica Gomez
Entrepreneur Spotlight
“My vision for the company is to be a leader in GaN and to be a committed player in a greener world through efficient power electronics. By bringing together technical knowledge and business expertise, we understand what customers need throughout the value chain. And, we can deliver a better, more efficient solution – for mobile phones, computers, gaming consoles and data centers. In fact, the last application has the potential to save megatons of CO2 emissions and help in solving the climate crisis. We believe in using resources responsibly to create future technologies.” READ MORE

Giorgia Longobardi
Contributed Articles
Dare to Try

It was the idea of building smething practical and seeing the tangible results of my work that first attracted me to the field of engineering. In fact, getting my hands dirty early on, working on projects as a PhD student at Università degli Studi di Genova in Italy was a full body experience—it was a start-up-like environment where I did everything from setting up the IT to performing research. Doing work from the ground up gave me a can-do attitude in overcoming obstacles. And I’m glad for all those formative, early experiences because it has led to what I’m doing today as senior vice president of customer success at Synopsys. READ MORE
Tipping Tech's Gender Imbalance

The world has changed a lot in the last two decades. But things haven’t shifted so very far for women in tech, where a gender imbalance stubbornly persists. According to the US Census Bureau, by 2019, women still filled only 27 percent of STEM roles, and just 15 percent of engineers were female. Only 5 percent of tech leaders are women and a measly 3 percent of females say a career in technology is their first choice. 
Technology shapes our modern lives, from the smart homes we live in, to the social media channels we follow and the commerce sites where we shop. And that technology is underpinned and informed by data – the majority of which is, and always has been, based on the requirements of men. Why? Because nobody was collecting data on women.
Five Ways Raising Children Made Me a Better Leader

When my son was a pre-teen, he taught me a valuable lesson in how to prioritize. It was Sunday morning, and my son and I were having weekly teatime catch-up. Looking across at him, I noticed he was uneasy about something. He had been preparing for an upcoming regional piano competition, and as the reigning champion, the stakes (and nerves) were as high as ever for this year’s contest. On the same date, however, I had planned to be in Costa Rica on important business travel. Looking over at him, I asked if something was wrong. He shook his head no. Though we hadn’t discussed this before, I had a strange feeling about his reply.  

It’s so great to be back in person! Thank you to everyone who attended our recent programming. We hope to see all of you at WLI events in the future!
Lunch & Learn |. Santa Clara
MIT University Program | Boston
Pathway to Success | Austin
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