Rising Woman of Influence: Teresa McLaurin

2021 Winner

Teresa McLaurin

Fellow & Sr. Director of DFT Architecture

Teresa McLaurin is a Fellow and Senior Director of DFT (Design for Test) Architecture for all of Arm, based in Austin, Texas.  In this role, she is responsible for ensuring that all Arm IP (Intellectual Property) are enabled to be tested fully and with high quality by all of Arm’s partners with their myriad of methodologies and flows. To enable this, she must not only drive Arm IP methodologies, but much of the DFT industry, to support the methodologies in the Arm IP. She works closely with Arm partners and EDA vendors to help achieve this goal. She has helped drive multiple IEEE standards as part of this effort and published many papers in support of this effort. In contrast, every Arm partner has their own methodology and everything that Arm DFT does must be able to enable those methodologies as well. She believes working for Arm has put her in a unique and exciting position to directly influence the testability of billions of the chips manufactured in the world. Teresa is a respected authority in her field and received the Bob Madge Innovation Award recognizing the work she has done in DFT and in moving her industry forward.

Teresa started her career in test characterization engineering, transitioned into management after a few years and then transitioned back into a technical role in the burgeoning area of Design for Test engineering. She chose to stay technical, rather than go into management, because she could see lots of area for improvement especially with regard to the IP arena.

Teresa was the first female Fellow in Arm and is passionate about other women moving forward in their roles.