The WLI vision is to “Apply the spirit of Moore’s Law, which catapulted innovation by doubling the performance of electronics to significantly increase the number of women in leadership roles in the industry, the capital dedicated to women-led start-ups and the number of STEM-focused female candidates joining the industry.”

The GSA has established its Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), seeking to elevate women’s participation on both boards and leadership positions. The Initiative is led by GSA’s Women’s Leadership Council that harnesses the leadership of women who have risen to the top ranks of the semiconductor industry. Utilizing their experiences, these women provide inspiration for and sponsorship of the next generation of female leaders.


“The WLI Council is committed to moving the needle and making a measurable impact on an industry that requires a highly talented, diverse and educated workforce. In order to attract women to the industry there must be role models and an understanding of the societal contribution. We will benchmark our progress each year. We have the full commitment of the GSA leadership including the Board of Directors, which is a who’s who of semiconductor leaders.”

Jodi Shelton, CEO, GSA