WLI Newsletter | Designing The Difference | Volume 6

Here is the sixth edition of Designing The Difference, the Women’s Leadership Initiative newsletter.

Designing the Difference
The latest news & updates from GSA’s Women’s Leadership Initiative
Thank you to the powerfully-written articles submitted for this sixth newsletter edition by the amazing women leading our industry! It’s incredible to see the support that WLI has received over the last few years. With the help of YOU, our first WLI technology conference is happening on September 14-15. WISH (Women in Semiconductor Hardware) is going to be filled with inspirational speakers. Our program has been published, so be sure to check that out and be on the lookout for our new award nominees announcement in the coming weeks!

Kudos to our incredible Research Committee and Accenture team! The GSA: Women in the Semiconductor Industry survey has officially closed and we will share the results with you in Q4. WLI has come so far since our launch in 2019, and we are expanding every day! There are so many ways to get involved. Consider joining our Speakers Bureau, Member Directory, or submitting a video for our Woman2Woman Mentoring program… and so much more!

We only have one more newsletter this year so be sure to subscribe and follow along with us!

– WLI team

Newsletter Sponsor | Applied Materials | Alyssa Desuacido

Applied Materials knows that different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences are key to delivering innovations that will shape the future. One way they continue to pave the way for equity and inclusion is through the Women in Engineering Talent Development Program (WE TDP). This two-year program creates career development opportunities for women through networking, conference participation, professional skill development workshops, career development roundtables and mentoring workshops. READ MORE HERE.

We must shatter the myth that it is difficult to hire and develop diverse talents in highly technical fields. In addition to diverse hiring, it’s critical to elevate strong, technical women along their leadership journey. Cisco women get together for a fireside chat and learn about each others experiences at the company. They shared their passions for technology and excitement for the innovations in supply chain. READ MORE HERE.



Janet Chou | JCET
“I want to be the mentor to inspire more women to break the glass ceiling, to help them achieve their career goals, and to contribute to greater gender equality.” JCET CFO Janet Chou shares her best advice for women in the semiconductor ecosystem to excel in their careers, balance work and family life, and nurture the confidence to tackle the challenges of the growing semiconductor industry.

Rani Borkar, Corporate VP of Azure Hardware Systems & Infrastructure at Microsoft, celebrates International Women in Engineering Day by honoring the allies and champions that propelled her career. Read her spotlight of some of Azure’s most critical women engineers working to build the most scalable, secure, and efficient hardware technologies and systems to power the world’s most advanced computing platform. READ MORE HERE.


Cadence Life happens! Whether it’s due to raising children, caring for ill family members or other personal responsibilities, professionals must sometimes step away from their careers. Once they’re ready to return, the journey back to work can be daunting, especially in the tech industry, where the pace of innovation grows in leaps and bounds. To support those looking to rejoin the workforce, Cadence offers a clear path forward with our returnship program. READ MORE HERE.

ES1_1910410.pngDr. Audrey Stone | CEO | Blueshift Memory

In our latest feature, we had an amazing time talking to Dr. Audrey Stone, CEO of Blueshift Memory, a start-up with a new memory chip design that helps close the performance gap between processors and memory devices. From intellectual property attorney to CEO, Dr. Stone has been involved in many aspects of the technology industry and found where she can add value and push forward the best long-term benefits for the business. Her advice to young women: “Be a REBEL! Do not believe that you are expected to be silent, or to take a less assertive role in business, and don’t allow yourself to be labeled or stereotyped.” READ HER STORY HERE.


September 14 – 15, 2021 |9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Pacific US | Virtual
WISH | Women in Semiconductor Hardware, is GSA WLI’s inaugural technical conference bringing together industry luminaries, entrepreneurs and university women in STEM. This event will showcase the changing face of technology and offer new awards celebrating the women who have helped to break the glass ceiling and those who are following in their footsteps. Join our industry in supporting and reaching gender parity.

WISH is free for members and university students. Non-member registration is $100 and includes both days of the conference. University students, please reach out to events@gsaglobal.org for your complimentary attendee code. REGISTER HERE!


Nominations close Friday, August 13. This is your last chance to submit your nomination for the 2021 Rising Women of Influence Award.  The award recognizes up to four exceptional female nominees who are believed by their companies to be a rising star. The nominating company should clearly think its nominees’ contributions to the development, innovation, growth and success of the company will result in her being one of the top leaders at the company and within the industry over the next three years. Eligibility requirements, award selection process and award criteria are included on the submission form. The recipient will be announced at the 2021 GSA Awards Celebration on December 9.

We have been highlighting women in the semiconductor industry who are designing the difference and impacting the future. Whether you are an intern, an entry level position just starting out, working your way up to the top, or even the CEO of your company (heck ya!) we want to celebrate you.Send us a picture, caption and your social media handles & you could be our next spotlight! Email us at: marketing@gsaglobal.org

—  What does the picture need to be? A picture of you – it can be your headshot, a fun picture, working in the industry – whatever shows us who YOU are!

—  What is my caption about? Tell us a quick version of your story – how you got to be where you are today in the work world! How did you get involved in the semiconductor industry? We want to highlight YOU and YOUR success!

—  We will post on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook – have one of these platforms? Send us your handle & make sure to give us a follow!


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